About Us

Kia Ora and welcome to the Thompson Carvers Whanau.

We want you to get to know us, so…

Kerry Thompson

Kerry Thompson from Ngati Paoa iwi, grew up in Auckland with his family. Growing up in this bustling city he was able to experience and learn from the wealth of his culture and environment. Becoming a carver while still very young, Kerry has been working on his craft for well over 20 years and has created a successful brand and he has also had a family that have all worked and learned along side him at various stages.
Kerry works with many different mediums to create his stunning work, ranging from Opal, Gold, Mammoth ivory, whale teeth, Argillite, and many more but, Kerry is most recognizable for his incredible Jade (pounamu) and Bone carvings.
Kerry Thompson is one of Aotearoa’s (New Zealand’s) most well-known artists, and is a master carver in his own right, having an unmistakable style and flair that makes his work truly unique and one of a kind, Kerry has done multiple exhibitions within New Zealand and also in Canada showcasing that people from everywhere love his work.
Kerry Thompson married his wife Amanda in 2002 and now for twenty years Amanda Thompson has worked along side Kerry.

Photo: Amanda and kerry Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson from Nga Puhi has been married to and working with Kerry Thompson since the early2000’s.
Amanda has learned from a true master carver and has been working with Kerry for 20 years.
Now an incredibly skilled and talented carver, she creates stunning works in bone, ivories, mother of pearl, and more, and even some beautiful pieces of gold and silver jewelry.
Amanda and Kerry worked together while raising their family; their youngest daughter now also does some unique pieces with the skills she’s learned, and the talent she’s gotten from having both very talented artists for parents.   

Photo: Kristal Thompson

Kristal Thompson

Kristal Thompson is a beautiful young teen who has always been very artistically inclined.
Raised in Whangarei, she was born half deaf and was home-schooled from a young age.
Having watched her parents work together and having this unique opportunity to ako (learn) from them, she has created prints, earrings, jewelry, cards and more.
She now has a range of New Zealand inspired feather earrings and some more contemporary styled earrings that she loves.

Kerry and Amanda Thompson have their wonderful Whanau with their two grandchildren.

We are so happy to have you become a part of the Thompson Carver whanau with us.