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Toki Bone Art With Korus

Toki Bone Art With Korus

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This stunning bone carving is a unique and eye-catching piece of art, featuring a beautiful two-toned color.

The koru design is intricately carved within the Toki with precision and detail symbolizing new beginnings, peace and strength, and it would make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Carving Meanings

Toki (Adze blade)

The toki is an essential tool for Maori people. It was made for two purposes. It was used firstly as a tool to carve waka (canoe) and to prepare timber for building.The toki was also used to create ornamental or ceremonial items, often given to people regarded with high esteem.Today our toki are symbolic of strength, and good character. They represent the determination, focus, and effort required to achieve any goals we may have.

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Care Instructions


  • Avoid strong chemicals.

It is not recommened to clean jade/argillite with jewelry or household cleaners since they contain strong chemicals that might ruin the Jade/argillite's beauty.

Make sure to remove your jewelry before swimming in a pool or hot tub, since chlorine can also damage the stone or bone.

  • Use water with mild soap for Jade/Argillite.

Avoid using acids or alcohol to clean your jade/argillite jewelry! To clean it, it is recommended that you only use water or water mixed with mild soap.

  • Avoid High heat.

Exposure to high heat should also be avoided since it may alter the chemical structure of jade/argillite.


  • Bone Cleaning

We recommend gently wiping your bone art with a microfibre cloth only if required. A small amount of water if needed is ok; excessive cleaning will affect the polish and stain on our bone carvings.

Make sure to remove your bone art before swimming or in the shower as this could affect the staining.

  • Avoid chemicals.

Avoid the use of all chemicals as this could damage the bone structure and ruin the staining and polishing.

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We recommend you avoid storing your bone art in direct sunlight as prolonged sunlight can change the coloring of your bone pendant.

  • Pronlonged expsosure to direct skin contact.

Please be aware that all bone, when worn on direct skin contact will cause the bone to absorb your skin oils, and over time this will cause the bone to take on a more yellow tinge.

Some ways you can prolong the whiteness of your bone is we would recommend wearing your pendant over your clothes; removing your pendant when you go to bed and limit holding the bone as the oil from your hands can also affect the color.

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